Solar Design Group

has a history in solar going back to 1976 – all types; commercial, domestic, pool, PV, etc.  We provide “One Stop Shopping” green and clean permit-ready Engineering Services. Because our Team speaks fluent “Building Department”, we have an excellent turn around time.

(Photo shows the Environmental Learning Center,Vero Bach FL)

(Photo shows the Marche En Fer, Port au Prince, Haiti  a 110KW installation)

(Video shows the Iron Market in Port au Prince, Haiti)


Solar Design Group exists of  Professionals and Engineers, that combine decades of extensive engineering experience combined with cutting edge technology plus know how. 

The group consists of just the right folks:

Allen Gezelman, a mechanical PE with all the experience imaginable, we have an outstanding electrical PE, BBruce Tozier who spent 13 years as Tampa’s commercial electrical plans reviewer and Siggi Brocks a CAD professional and a German-trained  architect. We believe that we have an unbeatable team. We get the work done - right the first time and quickly. We speak fluent “building department”.  

All said, “this is the magic ingredient that makes this team competitive and hard to beat." Dipl.Ing.(FH) Architecture (Germany) Siggi Brocks


(Video shows the Big Cat Rescue Installation in Tampa)

Are we affordable ? 

We are a network of tele-commuting professionals in the Tampa Bay Area using IT technologies to coordinate work, we are able to keep our overheads low and pricing affordable. 

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